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Welcome to Oshino Lamps (UK) Limited

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Filament Lamps
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NDIR Sensor Lamps
Automotive LEDs
Aircraft Lamps
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Since 1979 we have been supplying and supporting many industries including automotive, aerospace and signage with our broad range of illuminated products from our Nottingham office in the East Midlands.

Over three decades our dedication to maintain high levels of quality with innovation have resulted in our products being used in a variety of high profile industries.

Aircraft Lamps

Our traditional miniature and sub-subminiature amps are now complimented with the addition of gas-filled lamps, navigation lamps, fluorescent tubes and sealed beams which we supply though our worldwide airline distribution partners.

Aircraft LampsVisit our Aircraft Lamps Section

LEDs for Signs

We offer competitive pricing, comprehensive stock holding of modules and drivers plus an unbeatable service. We are confident that this makes us the ideal lighting partner for you to consider.

LEDs For SignsExplore our LEDs for signs

NDIR Sensor Lamps

Filament lamps for use in spectroscopic infrared gas sensors most often used measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) in a gaseous environment by its characteristic absorption.

NDIR Sensor LampsVisit our comprehensive NDIR Sensor Lamps section


Automotive LED Products

Interior mood and task lighting design our in-house mechanical and electrical design expertise we have guided our customers through many challenging projects to achieve the desired output, colour, intensity to create stunning and subtle lighting for many vehicle interiors.

Automotive LED ProductsFind out more about our Automotive LED products

Aircraft LEDs

For the private light aircraft and luxury jet markets, we bring two experienced and highly regarded innovators. AeroLEDs: safety-certified LED landing lights and navigational lights and ALI: safety-certified aircraft interior lighting systems.

LEDs For SignsExplore our Aircraft LEDs

Filament Lamps

Filament lamps are manufactured in a wide range of sizes, light output, and voltage ratings with a wide range of base types including unbased / wire terminal lamps, IBP, MF and Bi-PIN lamps.

Filament LampsVisit our Filament Lamps section


Industrial LEDs

A full range of high quality based industrial LED lamps designed to replace the most commonly used incandescent bulbs in the most demanding industrial environments.

Industrial LEDsBrowse our huge range of Industrial LEDs

Night Vision Filters

With over 25 years experience supporting the UK military market with Night Vision filters we are pleased to announce that Oshino Lamps (UK) Limited have partnered with an industry leader in the field of NV filter materials.

Industrial LEDsBrowse our range of Night Vision Filters