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About Oshino Lamps UK Ltd


Oshino Lamps was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1931 by Masashi Oshino, a pioneering engineer in the early design/development of incandescent filament lamp technology. His designs and subsequent products were used in bicycle lamps and Christmas tree lighting. Today we are a leading supplier of sub-miniature lamps to the US/Asian/European aerospace and automotive industries. We hold NATO Code No S3774 and will certify lamps, where applicable, to US Military Standards and specifications and other international norms such as DIN, IEC and JIS. Our “OL” trademark has therefore become synonymous with dependability, high quality and reliability.

Following the incorporation of Oshino Lamps GmbH in 1978 the UK office was established in Nottingham in 1979 to service the UK automotive and aerospace industries with our range of incandescent filament lamps. Our UK base is still in Nottingham.

We design our own state of the art production and production test equipment and extensive Statistical Process Controls (SPC) are used during manufacturing. In addition, our modern environmental test equipment enables us to perform continuous research in to our materials and product designs.

For many decades Oshino Lamps has held an enviable position in the automotive and aerospace industries as a quality manufacturer and supplier of filament, gas-filled and LED illuminated products. More notably so within aerospace as the OL prefix has provided reassurance to the worldwide aerospace community with a market leading range of high quality competitively priced lamps.

We have built on our extensive knowledge of lighting experience and now design and manufacture components using other light sources with a range of industrial based LED products and automotive interior mood lighting. Our design and development facilities in Europe and Asia are pushing the boundaries to create and manufacture components used in current production vehicles.

As of today, The Oshino Group of companies continues to be guided by the third generation of the Oshino family and is now under the capable tenure of Takeshi Oshino. We remain dedicated to providing our products across all industries knowing that our customers are reassured with the value for money and quality ethos we have instilled over the past eight decades.

About Oshino Lamps