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Aircraft Lamps

Oshino Aircraft Lamps Catalogue

Our sub-miniature and miniature lamps have been a worldwide favourite of the aerospace community for many decades and are listed on the IPC at Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer. We hold Cage Code Nos S3774 and C7177 and are listed on the IPC. Our attention to detail and resulting high quality products provide reassurance to the end user knowing the product will be used in a harsh environment where dependability and durability are a prerequisite.

Lamps are referred to as a commodity product in the aftermarket fraternity and Oshino take a moral responsibility to ensure that our entire range, from sub-miniature to sealed beams and miniatures to fluorescent tubes meet all requirements of the specification and will, in most cases, outperform them.

Our mechanical and lighting engineers are totally dedicated to ensure this comprehensive range of aircraft products remain of the highest quality and remain durable across the entire product range.

Detailed data is available on request and you can get a copy of our “Nose to Tail” catalogue of all Oshino aircraft lamps by filling in the form below.

Oshino Aircraft Lamps

Nose to tail Aircraft Lighting from Oshino Lamps

Nose to tail aircraft lighting

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