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Super Orbis LED GEN2 White 4000K


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Quick Overview

Super Orbis LED GEN2 is the new generation of our successful flexible chain LED lighting system designed specifically for back lighting large scale flex-face sign boxes.


Brighter (up to 285lm), more efficient (up to 139lm/W) and now with a superior colour appearance Super Orbis LED GEN2 makes your colours come alive!

And it’s even more economical to use than ever: Use from only four modules and 9 Watts per 1 sq. metre and only one driver for up to 31 sq. metres of sign.

At its centre is a high quality and high brightness, white Nichia LED encapsulated by a polycarbonate module and lens specifically designed by OSHINO for back lighting large scale sign boxes.

Each module features a lens which distributes the light in a super wide ‘batwing’ shaped beam ideal for flex-faced and acrylic faced sign boxes. This reduces the number of modules required to produce a uniformly lit appearance on the sign’s face.

Suitable for Airport, Rail and other projects where modules with a low flammability and low smoke, zero halogen cables are required.

Available in choice of two white colour temperatures: 5000K and 4000K. One pack of Super Orbis LED GEN2 modules consists of 200 modules in two reels of 100pcs.


For back lighting large scale sign boxes with depths over 100mm


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Luminous Flux (Lm) @350mA 134
Luminous Flux (Lm) @700mA 250
Voltage Vf min 3.09
Voltage Vf max 3.4
W @350mA 1.1
W @700mA 2.16
CRI/Ra @350mA 83
CRI/Ra @700mA 83
Efficacy Lm/W @350mA 134
Efficacy Lm/W @700mA 115

Installation instructions

  • Super wide ’batwing’ beam angle
  • Use from only 4 modules and 9W / 1sq metre
  • Long lifetime (50,000 hrs based on 70% light output)
  • Use 350mA or 700mA constant current
  • Dust and water resistant (IP67)
  • 5 years warranty

Super Orbis LED GEN2 White 4000K