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LED mini-dim-flash 30W


Quick Overview

LED mini-dim-flash is a simple, reliable and economical to use, inline PWM dimmer & flasher module is and supplied with flying-leads for a simple ’inline’ connection.

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Two versions are available 1) with remote handset and 2) with dimmer/flasher module only. Both comprise user controls of both brightness and flashing modes.

Using the remote handset, via the Mode + and Mode - buttons the user can adjust brightness or flashing functions. Access pre-set brightness levels 100, 50 and 25% or in smaller steps via Bright + & Bright - buttons. In flashing mode, the user can select the rate or flash via Speed - and Speed + buttons. In the event of temporary power-off / power failure, LED mini-dim-flash recalls the last selected setting and resumes the brightness / flash rate program.


Low power, manual dimming control of 12 or 24V d.c. single colour LED arrays up to 30W.

Rated power (W) / current (A) output-
Recommended max and min-power (W) / current (A) output-
Input current typ. (A) @ 230V-
MTBF/K hours-
Dimensions (mm) / Weight (kg)-
  • 12V & 24V depending on driver voltage
  • Dimming method: Pulse Width Modulation
  • 2.5A @ 12V or 1.25A @ 24V: 30W max power
  • Two versions: 1) remote control + inline module and 2) inline dimmer flasher module only
  • Module is weather resistant
  • Simple installation & inline connection
  • Remote handset: 1pce CR2032 ‘coin’ battery